1. Use of the Bell Ringer:
    • The bell box should be used respectfully and appropriately.
    • Avoid excessive or disturbing use.
  2. Use of the Elevator:
    • Use of the elevator to carry bicycles or objects that may damage it is prohibited.
    • Comply with load capacities and safety regulations.
  3. Prohibition of Smoking in the Stairwell:
    • Smoking prohibited in the stairwell or any undesignated area.
    • Follow designated smoking areas, if available.
  4. Proper Opening of Doors and Gates:
    • Properly use keys or key cards to access rooms.
    • Do not block or obstruct the automatic closing of doors or gate.
  5. Respectful Behavior:
    • Maintain respectful behavior toward staff and other guests.
    • Avoid disruptive or offensive behavior.
  6. Care of Common Facilities:
    • Preserve the integrity of common facilities, including furniture and equipment.
    • Immediately report any damage or problems to staff.
  7. Observance of Safety Regulations:
    • Comply with hotel safety regulations and follow evacuation procedures in case of emergency
    • Do not obstruct escape routes or use emergency exits in non-emergency situations.
  8. Prohibited Access to Non-Registered Guests:
    • Only registered guests are permitted to enter rooms.
    • Do not allow unauthorized persons to enter.
  9. Liability for Valuables:
    • The hotel is not responsible for lost or damaged valuables left in rooms or public areas.
    • Use security boxes if available.
  10. Compliance with Local Laws:
    • Comply with all local laws related to staying at the hotel.
    • Comply with noise and public behavior regulations.
  11. Compliance with Check-Out Policies:
    • Comply with check-out times and follow established procedures.